Man is the Bastard - DISCOGRAPHY

VERSION 3.24.1  - last updated 4.20.09

The Man is the Bastard Orgy – WHRB-FM

created by Toby Brown and Joshua Mann 

Peace Corpse

ex-Moslem Birth, ex-Undertakers, pre-Skinnerbox, pre-Insulin Reaction, pre-Zimbo Chimps 


Pillsbury Hardcore

ex-Disinfection, pre-Shoeface, pre-Process, pre-End to End, pre-Iron Mtn. 


Pissed Happy Children 







Charred Remains 


Eric Wood 


Crossed Out 


Man is the Bastard 


Bastard Noise 


Upcoming/Rumored/Mysterious Releases 


Amber Asylum (wood) 

Amps for Christ  (barnes, connell, kenyon) 


Upcoming/Rumored/Mysterious Releases 


Antennacle (wood) 


Atavism of Twlight  (kenyon, connell) 


Axe-Wing (barnes) 

Auto Da Fe  (barnes, connell, kenyon) 


Bad Display of Talent (connell) 


Carne-A (nelson) 


Controlling Hand  (kenyon, connell, lawrence, beattie) 


Djam Karet  (kenyon) 


F-Space  (connell) 


Geronimo (nelson) 


Hollow Earth and Star (beattie)


Institute of Sorrow  (beattie) 

Ion Channel (wood) 


Loomis Slovak  (lawrence) 


Low Threat Profile  (beattie)

ex-Infest/Neanderthal, ex-Lack of Interest 


Lux Nova Umbra Est (connell, kenyon) 


No Comment  (beattie) 


Our Scars Are Gifts  (connell) 
ex-Honeywell, ex-John Brown’s Body 


Refrigerator  (connell) 


Savage Republic (connell) 

Sleestak  (barnes, nelson) 

The Hierophant (wood)

collaboration with Guilty Connector 


Unicorn  (nelson) 


Fanzine interviews


Man Is The Bastard







Bray (the locust)

Buckethead (praxis, guns’n’roses)

Burke (menace dement, helivator, born against, sinking body, men’s recovery project)

Dodge (stikky, spazz, jesus philbin)


Gribenas (antennacle)

Hartford (defecation, noise nomads, grey skull)

Headache (tender love)


Hoffman (groundfault, spastic colon)

Hull (anal cunt, japanese torture comedy hour)

Kohei (guilty connector)

Mac Donald (amps for christ)

Markkula (bizarre uproar)

Martin (spastic colon, unicorn, sleestak)

McPheeters (men's recovery project, born against, wrangler brutes)

Novak (tek)

Pearson (the locust)

Putnam (anal cunt, angry hate)

Rauf (saros, amber asylum, frozen in amber, ion channel)


Sanderson (facialmess)

Tavi (amps for christ, aye aye captain, blue silk sutures, ensemble of 31 birds, soddamn inssein, thundersnail)

Walker (intronaut, phobia, murder construct, uphill battle, jesu, exhumed)